Customer Feedback



Customer Feedback
  • Brilliant machine,light weight,robust & the ease of use is fantastic and it helps immensely with batting and fielding drills as the accuracy is as good as a £2k machine p.s suitible for adults as well


  • We the StingerPro cricket bowling machine all the time here for various training drills. Top piece of kit. Much better than the alternatives - The Cricket Asylum,West Yorkshire ·


  • Our clubs budget meant We had a choice between the Stinger and the similar priced machine on the market,but after taking advice from owners of the stinger we decided on the stinger-pro and we are delighted ! It is light weight mobile,safe,easy to set up and very very consistent with the deliveries, our training sessions have never been so popular.

  • Hamburg - The youngsters attending the winter indoor programme at THCC Rot-Gelb in Hamburg had a pleasant surprise when they turned up to training last Saturday and Sunday.Thanks to the DCB, THCC Rot-Gelb are now the proud owners of a StingerPro bowling machine and a throw down net. This equipment has been supplied in recognition of THCC's exemplary youth work and came complete with a starter pack supply of soft cricket balls and tennis balls. In the U15 group, this winter coached on Saturday afternoons, the youngsters enjoyed testing their mettle against the machine and quickly appreciated the chance to practice and develop their batting strokes against the well directed deliveries.Especially in this age group, where many of the youngsters are still learning to develop a regular bowling rhythm and to maintain their line and length, it is essential for their batting technique that they have the chance to bat against bowling which helps them work on their weaknesses and improve their strokeplay.


  • Compared to the top of the range BOLA machine, the StingerPro is a relatively low tech product but is easy to transport, set up and use. The machine has two speed control dials which not only determine the speed of delivery but also enable inswing and outswing. The Stinger is only suitable for use with soft balls, but in an indoor training environment and for youth coaching this is ideal. The ease of transportation is excellent 


  • In the U19 age group, coached on Sunday evenings, the StingerPro was also well received, and the coaches explored the variety and speeds offered by the machine. Next in line to test the machine are the THCC U11 group, who practice on Saturday mornings. 

  • With 50 youngsters aged between 6 and 19 now playing cricket at THCC in the 3 age groups, this machine will be a great assistance for the coaches. Many thanks to the DCB for this practical support!

  •  Its obvious that the Bola is the best machine on the market but the StingerPro is a fraction of the price and it will improve your hand to eye coordination,footwork and shot selection,so maybe pound for pound the stinger is the best machine on the market ???? Matt Hampshire 


  • Decided to buy a stinger instead of one of the cheap Chinese machines floating about on the market and quite easily the best decision - Very Happy 


  • Decided to buy a stinger instead of one of the cheap Chinese machines floating about on the market and quite easily the best decision - Very Happy 


  • We brought the StingerPro in the summer; we found Kevin very helpful and the machine has helped immensely with the coaching sessions, it literately can be carried in the smallest of kit bag it only takes a minute or so to set up and the various deliveries it can deliver is brilliant 


  • Primary brought for my Son but I seem to use it just as much #keepsyouonyourtoes