Why should you buy a Stinger?

  •          The world’s first bowling machine with an integrated battery, no more trailing leads or cumbersome battery.
  •         The Stinger range of bowling machine is manufactured by an established UK company formally ' KB Cricket'  [17+years]
  •          It comes with 12 months warranty as well as a full back up service.
  •          It can fire deliveries that will test the most experienced batman as well as having the means to build confidence and practice and learn new batting techniques for the younger or less experienced batmen.
  •          The StingerX can fire a variety of balls that are readily available and well-priced on the present market!
  •          It is the safest bowling machine on the market [low voltage and soft balls]

The StingerX fires deliveries that will test the most experienced batsman as well as having the means to build confidence and practice and learn new batting techniques for the younger or less experienced batsmen.


Delivery Variation

 The brand-new adapted tripod makes it possible for the machine to vary the line and length of delivery with minimal effort. The stinger can extend to a height of 6 foot or be lowered to around knee height for fielding drills, it has a fully adjustable speed settings from 1 to 70+mph (Speed is Dependent on which ball you are using, swing on the ball is made possible via individual control of the drive wheels via speed dials

 Suitable Balls

 The Stinger can fire a number of different balls (see photo below for some examples) but the ball has to be junior sized and you must be able to squeeze it between your fingers (no Hard Balls) 

Recommended Balls

 GM First Ball: A ball that is harder than a tennis ball with a small protruding seam that produces a realistic bounce and when the conditions are right the ball will produce realistic lateral movement, the top speed of this ball has been recorded at 65mph @ £3.00 each

Tennis Ball: The bounciest ball the stinger will fire that is ideal for practising the short-pitched delivery or simulating playing on a bouncy wicket @ £1.50 each.

New Stinger Ball: The newly sourced stinger ball is slightly larger than a tennis ball and is dimpled, it is still a soft ball but fires at around 70 mph+ it is not as consistent in line and length as the above balls, but it keeps you on your toes. This ball sells at £5.00 each. 

Films Copy & Paste

The GM 1st Ballhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=048z7wr60fE

The Stinger Ball Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7J5g-l9LHg

Tennis Ball Swing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36wgTDoSML4

Close Up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNSBJrs_wJM

 These types of balls are the nearest comparison you will get to the hard balls that the top of the range bowling machines use but without the high cost of the machine and balls, as a cricketer myself I know it’s great to feel leather on willow but these balls still simulate very realistic batting conditions, helping with hand to eye coordination and concentration as well as the means to practice all batting stroke play.  

Automatic Feeder

 The Feeder holds 10 balls and is turned on & off via a wireless remote, once activated the balls come out every 6-9 seconds  [dependant on the type of ball] the feeder can also be stopped at anytime via the wireless remote   

 Who will benefit from using a StingerX?

Junior Cricketers:  A great tool for the beginner to build up confidence of practicing and learning new batting shots as well as refining fielding skills.

Adult Cricketers:  Dependent of on the batsmen's skill level the stinger can be placed at 22 yards or closer, and with the variation from the balls it will keep any batsmen on their toes, or it can be set to practicing a desired stoke that the batsmen may feel requires attention.

Suitable for use in any sized garden or large outbuilding as well as full sized cricket nets


Stinger Weight & Mobility

The Stinger weighs around 3 kilos and assemble and disassemble takes seconds and requires no tools, when disassembled the stinger will fit into any good-sized kit bag.

 Power Source

 To power the machine you require the m18 (9AH) battery which is sold separately [not available to ship to non-UK residents] the battery lasts for over 1 hour on a single charge.

  The M18 battery is the world’s most popular battery so I can help source a mains power supply for non-UK customers, please contact me for more details.

UK Shipping

Normally dispatched within 48 hours of cleared payment via Fed-Ex 24 Hour 


Non-Uk Shipping

Normally dispatched within 48 hours of cleared payment via international couriers, this can take between 4 to 6 days (dependent on location) 



Viewing are more than welcome, we are based in West Norfolk please contact us to make an appointment


Payment Methods

Bank/Internet transfer


Cheque-You will have to wait for the cheque to clear before your order is released.


Credit/Debit card- We can email you a pay-pal invoice that you can pay safely with any credit debit card even if you do not have a pay-pal account (please note there is a 3% surcharge for this method


Bowling Machine Accessories

 Batteries, balls  etc. are available from the bowling machine accessories page. 


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